Site investigation

Brownfield First can investigate land quality issues for property transactions, planning applications or understanding liabilities. Services can include site investigation, remediation options, remediation supervision and validation reporting.

All investigations are based on current best practice and typically follow the procedure outlined below.

However, in some cases – particularly for smaller sites – the style of investigation can be adapted to suit the site specific circumstances. For example, this could involve performing a detailed walkover survey with targeted sampling of specific features. In these situations, checking with the regulator (usually the local authority) is recommended, as this can save time and expense.

Phase 1 – Desk study

This phase aims to define project objectives and use observation and records to identify contaminant sources and how these sources may impact on receptors (this can include people, the environment and structures).

Phase 2 – Site investigation

Following on from the above, the objective of the second phase is to design and undertake site investigations and analysis. This typically involves the collection of samples (soil, surface water, groundwater, waste) for chemical analysis.

The information and data can then be used to assess risks using generic assumptions and comparison to acceptable levels. This can be extended into site-specific risk assessment using specialist numerical models.

Phase 3 – Remediation options

If – based on the above information – unacceptable risks are identified, the objective of this phase is to evaluate and analyse options for site remediation, and to decide which of the options are most appropriate.

The development of a detailed remediation strategy may consider the zoning and timing of remediation, decide how the strategy will be validated, and review the costs and benefits.

We can assist with developing the remediation strategy, project management of contractors, validation sampling to show the works have been completed to an acceptable standard, and verification reporting.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss any aspect of site development and investigation.